My Addison is 5!?! Frozen Party by Printed by Mom

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Party supplies & their clothes and bows all made by me of course 🙂
The AMAZING cake was designed by my Mom and taken to a local grocery store bakery to make- there were some issues with the cake falling on itself, so morning of she had to take to another place to have fixed- either way it was BEAUTIFUL!
My ASTONISHING 5 year old daughter is happy and had so much fun with her family and friends at her party.  That’s all that matters to this Momma ❤   I am so grateful that 5 years ago this little Angel from heaven was sent into my life to teach me about love and living.  I am SO blessed to be this child (and her sister’s) Momma.  I am one lucky mom and I am well aware of that.

THE AFTER PARTY— OH JEEEZZZ!!!  Someone accidentally threw away an outfit she got from someone who really didn;t have the means to buy it for her but did, so it was special to me…  I went back to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix in the pouring rain to search their dumpsters for the gift bag with the outfit in it.  Two managers and our party hostess and other employees stopped what they were doing to come help me, bring gloves, hold flashlights, lift me out of dumpster covered in ants, pizza, and cake, and God knows what else, did I mention I was wearing flip flops too?…  The outfit is lost forever along with who knows what else got stuck in the bag before it was tossed… It almost ruined my night  (it really actually did) but I will replace it for her and all will be fine…  WHAT A BIRTHDAY KIDDO!!!!!
Oh almost forgot my nails for her party!!   BTW- they held up SMASHINGLY to the dumpster diving I encountered after her party, toes too!! 😉   I signed up with Jamberry Nails as a consultant back in May- I’ve been so busy (yay!) that my new blog was a tad neglected- I am currently a SAHM of two girls, and I run THREE businesses..

Yes, I do what I can and that’s all I can do.  Wanna talk about busy?  I got you 😉
and http://www.mommab.jamberrynails,net -or- on facebook!

Love, Momma B


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